Can-I-be-arrested-for-not-repaying-vehicle loan-in-India?

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Nischal Arvind Singh Answer

Vehicle loan payment is a civil, not criminal matter. What has happened here is that the vehicle is out for repossession and the repossession company can not find it. The only way you can possibly be jailed in relation to a car payment is if there is a court order requiring you to return the car, and you refuse. The charge then would be contempt of court. You need to either allow the vehicle....


Yes ! Non payment of your legally debited debt is an offence in India, at first the civil court verdict will be announced against you and if you do not obey it you will be arrested or the auction proceeds out of your auctioned property will be utilised to pay the unpaid debt with its interest and only after deducting the government auction charges from your property proceeds.