Can I please know if I can extent my lease agreement on shop after its expired and owner wants more rent?

I wish to ask if my mother can gift me her flat which she has purchased in june 1993, also will the society charge me the transfer fee or Rs.25000/- which they charge in resale flats or will this be treated as internal transfer please advise.

Please help me understand. I stay in Mumbai and bought residential plot in Gujarat. The builder is now not honouring his commitment. He wants to give me less area plot as well as change the location of the plot. Please help me understand where I can file the case-consumer court or any other court. Should this case to be filed in Mumbai or Gujarat?

We are a group of 49 co investors. We want to buy a 1 flat together ? How is this possible? The flat is for sale and is in earning a rental income as well, hence is a good investment. How can we complete the purchase of the flat having all of us as owners, so that we can enjoy the asset and its rental proceeds. do we have to form any entity between us such as a LLP or a company ? we want to limit the documentation etc.