We have a house on my father’s name. Now he has expired and left a will. I was not living with my father in that house. My mother is living there and after my father’s death, my brother also started living there. Few days ago I saw a notice in newspaper that my father has left his will in favour of my mother and me (Rajesh) and in same notice it was mentioned that my brother (Rakesh) wants to sell it and if I do not raise objection in 7 days then they will allow him to sell. I raised the objection in 3 days but then also he sold the house with only my mother’s consent. I want answers to the following: 1. How can I get the will? As my mother and brother have not shown it to me or publically yet? 2. If I have share in the house and then also they sold it then how can I claim it back? 3. Can it be sold without my consent? 4. If my father has bought this house with my Grandfather’s money then can I claim it as ancestor property?