Sir, My divorce case got decree at family court and permanent alimony given Rs-3 lakhs also on january 2014.. but again wife had filed MATA at HIGH COURT ODISHA for higher alimony and also she had taken Rs- 3 lakhs from family court. HIGH COURT ODISHA had given judgement and ordered me to deposit Rs- 25 lakhs again to my wife as alimony on 28 JULY 2016. Am unable to pay bcuz am only single income earning source in my house and my parents are very old and fully dependent on me also they are operated patients and under treatment with medicines and also 1 elder unmarried sister is with me and fully dependent on me. So i have to bear all the expenses of my house. Please help me what to do. can i again file case in the same HIGH COURT ODISHA about the decision or i have to go to SUPREME COURT DELHI for appeal. please help me and advice me. i never gone to SUPREME COURT before also give me help of a expert lawyer of SUPREME COURT OR HIGH COURT ODISHA so that i can take advice. CAN I AGAIN APPEAL IN THE SAME HIGH COURT ODISHA AGAINST THE JUDGEMENT GIVEN TO ME TO PAY RS- 25 LAKHS. PLEASE HELP ME.

I've been married for 18 months now and we never lived together for more than 15 days. 8 months back, she and her family threaten me and family for harassment case, they did went to police station. But police dint file the case. Some respected people in our community compromised an asked to keep cool for 6 months. Now, I want a separation. But when I ask for divorce, they might threaten for police case again. How should we handle this?

I am a sikh woman who married a muslim man in Sep 2012. We have been living separately for around 1.5 years now. We got married in Gurudwara (only photos available) and had Nikah (Nikahnama stating that I converted to Asma Khan available alongwith photos). No conversion certificate made though. How can we get divorced through court given the fact that we did not register our marriage? I don't need any alimony or anything from my husband.