Appeal in RTI is taking a lot of time so what can i do?? I sent RTI to PIO last year and did not get answers so i filed first appeal. after which hearing was done and after hearing few days after a reply from First level authority came which was contradicting to the discussions in hearing. so i sent back a reply asking for clarification to FAA and there was no reply. I sent Second Appeal for same that i am not getting clear answers and its taking long time. no response from Second AA also. now what should i do?

Company not giving experience letter and relieveing letter?

I have purchased non judiciary stamp Rs.100/- for self. My relative took the stamp paper and executed a no objection deed for registration of plot of housing board with other party and I had been asked sign as witness. After lapse of one year I came to know that my relative had forged the signature of other party. This fact revealed to the other party by housing board against RTI ACT. please confirm is there any criminal charges can be filed against me?

Is it mandatory to provide the hard physical copy of two wheeler RC book and Insurance? The police officer was not accepting soft copy shown on my mobile and demanded bribe.


Can-I-be-arrested-for-not-repaying-vehicle loan-in-India?

My employer is a statutory organisation which allows voluntary retirement after a minimum of 20 years of service. I have completed 19 years of service. Are there any grounds on which I can claim a waiver for the remaining 1 year ? If there are any parallels for Central Government employees, the same may also apply in my case.

How can i stop an illegal construction ?

Is it legal to print the book contents and share it with others if I own the book (As done in most of photocopy shops in India) ?

How can i get my shop from the tenant ,as he hasnt given rent for past 3 years?

I have signed a notary on landlord/tenant agreement with my correct details, but at last, I refused after reading certain points, and the person has kept the notary with him without getting it authorized saying that he will tear it outside the court, now is it possible that he can get it authorized without my presence. In that case, what are my options to prove it as false notary or wrong, as he doesn't have anything else except the details, no id or anything only my sign, name, address and father's name on the notary paper?