Hello Sir, I would like to ask how can I incorporate a sole proprietorship firm? Should I contact a Lawyer or CA,CS for the same?Can I raise funding for sole proprietorship?Are there any terms and conditions for such startups.What compliance like TIN registration etc would i need?I would like to thank you for this free question answer service, in advance !

I have purchased non judiciary stamp Rs.100/- for self. My relative took the stamp paper and executed a no objection deed for registration of plot of housing board with other party and I had been asked sign as witness. After lapse of one year I came to know that my relative had forged the signature of other party. This fact revealed to the other party by housing board against RTI ACT. please confirm is there any criminal charges can be filed against me?

Is it mandatory to provide the hard physical copy of two wheeler RC book and Insurance? The police officer was not accepting soft copy shown on my mobile and demanded bribe.

I wish to ask if my mother can gift me her flat which she has purchased in june 1993, also will the society charge me the transfer fee or Rs.25000/- which they charge in resale flats or will this be treated as internal transfer please advise.

Can legal action be taken against Director of Private Limited Company?

How do I register a complaint against a news channel in India?

Regarding cancellation of registered gift deed i want to contact a good civil lawyer.


Please help me understand. I stay in Mumbai and bought residential plot in Gujarat. The builder is now not honouring his commitment. He wants to give me less area plot as well as change the location of the plot. Please help me understand where I can file the case-consumer court or any other court. Should this case to be filed in Mumbai or Gujarat?

Can-I-be-arrested-for-not-repaying-vehicle loan-in-India?

How can i stop an illegal construction ?

Is it legal to print the book contents and share it with others if I own the book (As done in most of photocopy shops in India) ?

How can I file an ITR?

What can i do if police comes to arrest me on false complaint?

What is the next step after a cheque is bounced

How can i save myself from paying tax on a gift

Can I please know if I can extent my lease agreement on shop after its expired and owner wants more rent?

Appeal in RTI is taking a lot of time so what can i do?? I sent RTI to PIO last year and did not get answers so i filed first appeal. after which hearing was done and after hearing few days after a reply from First level authority came which was contradicting to the discussions in hearing. so i sent back a reply asking for clarification to FAA and there was no reply. I sent Second Appeal for same that i am not getting clear answers and its taking long time. no response from Second AA also. now what should i do?

What initial steps are required to make a complaint in consumer court?

What all offences amount to Cyber crime?

Insurance company changed my policy without my knowledge. What can I do in such a situation?

Company not giving experience letter and relieveing letter?

A cafe coffee day outlet is charging the customers tax, but the tax numbers given on the retail invoice is fake. the tin number should be of 11 digits but it is of only 10.

My car was hit by a DTC bus in Delhi. The accident has damaged my car and caused injuries to me. From whom and from where do I claim compensation?

I want to register my company what is the procedure to register my startup company in India and how much will it cost?

I am a guarantor in a Private limited company which is now become a NPA (Non Performing Asset). Can the bank harass me?

My query is that a restaurant who charges @6% on invoices issued to customer for food.It he run his restaurant in rented premises and landlord charges service tax @15% on monthly rent then whether restaurant owner can claim service tax input of 15% or not?

My company has hold AGM for F.Y. 2014-15 on May 20, 2016, which is beyond the due date of September 30, 2015. And also we had received extension from RoC to hold AGM on or before December 30, 2015 but could not hold AGM. As result now when I am Filing Annual Return in e-form MGT -7, they are showing a pop up Date of AGM cannot exceed due date of AGM. Request you to provide guidance, how should i upload this form on MCA portal?

Company gave me a 9 months contract to sign which mentioned if I leave company in middle I have to pay two months salary and they took one of my educational document. Next day I was suppose to join and one of the employ told me not to join the company as it's not good so I said I can't and I said I'm leaving they said I have to pay and I gave them a reason saying my mom not well and all and left. Now my concern is that Wht legal action they can take against me and do I have to pay them and my concern is not the document coz it's not that important

My employer is a statutory organisation which allows voluntary retirement after a minimum of 20 years of service. I have completed 19 years of service. Are there any grounds on which I can claim a waiver for the remaining 1 year ? If there are any parallels for Central Government employees, the same may also apply in my case.

Can Police enter SEZ premises without permission from the jurisdictional Development Commissioner ? [N.V.Joy]

My father is a only son of my grandmother. My grandfather divorced my grandmother and married to another women. Now i have 2 uncle from 2nd grandmother. Now my father and uncles are dividing the ancestor property, can my father claim half of property??

Conversion of Extraordinary leave into study leave I am a regular employee of BSNL. I worked in BSNL from March 2003 to June 2014. From July 2014, I joined a full time PhD course in IIM Indore. BSNL management has granted me permission for this course in March 2014. In this permission, it was mentioned that study leave (with salary) is not permissible to me and I can use any other leave to pursue this course. At that time, I didn't oppose this decision because It would take long time to settle these types of disputes and I have to join this course in July 2014. Thus, I have applied extraordinary leave (without pay) for three years and it was also sanctioned. I am on leave and still an employee of BSNL. In BSNL employees' training documents published in 01/04/2011, two years study leave (with salary) are permissible to BSNL employees. No circular is issued from BSNL administration since 2011 which modify this study leave rules. Thus, as per rules, study leave should not be denied to me in the permission letter issued from BSNL management in March 2014. This is an injustice to me. Then, after a year, in June 2015, I have written a letter to Director (HR), BSNL, New Delhi (through proper channel) to convert my extraordinary leave into study leave as per rules because without salary it becomes difficult for me to financially sustain my family. But, still I didn't get any reply from BSNL management of my application. Then, in October 2015, I filed a RTI to BSNL-HQ to enquire about the study leave policy of BSNL. They replied: "it is informed that Study Leave Rules as existing on 30-09-2000 is applicable to BSNL employees as per provisions made under CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972, which is available in Public Domain . " The above RTI response clearly state that study leave is applicable to BSNL employees as per the provisions of CCS leave rules, 1972. Then, In March 2016, I filed another RTI to BSNL and asked following questions: 1) The present status of my application. 2) The time period required for the conversion of my extraordinary leave into study leave. I didn't get any reply of my above filed RTI. Then, in May 2016, I filed first appeal to know the status of my application but still I didn't get any reply from BSNL administration. I have also heard from some sources that BSNL board has decided to bar all long term management course due to the poor financial condition of the BSNL but no circular is issued to BSNL employees in this matter. I am still studying this course and it would take further 1 to 1.5 years to complete the course. In view of the above background, I want to know, what legal options are available to me to settle my case (ie. to convert my without pay extraordinary leave into with pay study leave). Should I file second appeal in Central Information commission to know the status of my application? Should I write a reminder to my application in BSNL through proper channel? Should I go in Court? Should I file a writ in High Court or should I file a case in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)? Out of these two options which one would be less costly in terms of different fee including procedural and advocate consultation charges. Also which option would most likely to give a fast decision. What chances of success I can expect in these type of cases? Sir I know these are lots of questions but please help me as I am not aware about these things. Once I get your suggestions, I would decide my future course of action accordingly. Thanks in anticipation of help.

My sister has filed a 498A case (dowery) against her husband in year 2007 in Indore. At that time statement of my father, mother, sister and our two witness were recorded. After some years, my father was expired. So my fathers' cross examination by opponent lawyer didn't happen in court. The cross examination of my mother has been done in court. The cross examination of my sister is still pending. After the cross examination of my sister, court may most likely announce the decision of the case in a few weeks. My sister has already obtained divorce and married again with another person and settled in Raipur. So, it is not convenient for her to appear in court frequently. She couldn't appear in court in some previous dates as we didn't receive any summon from court. Now, a bail able warrant is issued against my sister to present in court on 12th august 2016 . My sister has planned to appear in court on 12th august 2016. Now we want to settle this case outside the court. Other party is also agreed for settlement. The lawyer of opponent side suggest us to not file 482 for quashing in the High court as it may take some time and may be inconvenient for my sister because she is residing in Raipur and may have to come again. He suggest us another simper alternative- he told us that he would ask some question to my sister in trial court on the next date 12th august ( date of cross examination of my sister) and also would provide answer of those questions one day before. The answer would be in such a way that no punishment would be granted to my sister's husband. It would also not harm to my sister also in any way. My doubt is - 1) Should we trust opponents lawyer in this matter. Is it a safe option or should we go for section 482 for quash in the high court. 2) It is not convenient for my sister to frequently come from Raipur to Indore. Can we file section 482 in high court before 12th august and demand a dates from high court just before 12th august so that 498A can be quashed and my sister need not have to appear in trial court. In just a single travel of my sister from Raipur to Indore, can this case can be quashed from high court. Is it necessary for my sister to present in-person in high court to quash the 498A. 3) My sister had one daughter child from her husband. Her age is now 13 years. At the time of divorce, the age of daughter was 2-3 years. After the divorce till now, daughter has been residing with my sister. The daughter also want to live with her mother (ie. my sister). We want to keep child's custody with my sister. Thus, should we make an agreement for child's custody on stamp paper or we should mention this in the filing of 482 section in high court. What should be the procedure of keeping the child's custody. 4) If the other side doesn't cooperate in a) filling a 482 in high court or b) Doesn't do cross-examination on the next date to unnecessarily delay the case to just trouble my sister as they know that it is difficult for my sister to come frequently from Raipur. In that situation, can we move this case from Indore court to Raipur court by telling court that her new husband doesn't permit her to appear Indore court frequently due to inconvenience to his old age parents as my sister has to manage all household things and in her absence it is very difficult to manage home at Raipur. This case is now at its last stage and only cross examination of my sister is remaining. After that, most likely decision may be announced by court. Sir I know these are lots of questions but please help me as I am not aware about these things. Once I get your suggestions, I would decide my future course of action accordingly. Thanks in anticipation of help.

I need to sign an NDA from a developer is it possible without even forming a company. In between two individuals only as the compay is not yet registered.

I took a sbi scholar loan for my Mtech course at IIT Bombay , from which I bought a laptop and paid the institute tution fees. The total loan amounts to 90k rupees. but now after 1 month I got Mtech admission in Homi Bhabha National Institute , a deemed university of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre , in which entire education is sponsored by the Department of Atomic Energy , Government of India and I will have Rs 35000 stipend per month and will be absorbed as Scientific officer (SO) in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre or in any of the units of DAE. now whether I tell this thing to bank authorities now or go to them with full 90000 rupees after 3 months. please help I am very worried

Can a gift of immovable property by a duly registered deed be cancelled by execution of registered cancellation deed by both donor and donee?

According to factory act which numbers of toilet and wash room allowed in factory.

We are a group of 49 co investors. We want to buy a 1 flat together ? How is this possible? The flat is for sale and is in earning a rental income as well, hence is a good investment. How can we complete the purchase of the flat having all of us as owners, so that we can enjoy the asset and its rental proceeds. do we have to form any entity between us such as a LLP or a company ? we want to limit the documentation etc.

What is the procedure of registering TIN no in Indore and costing of the same for Handicraft, Ethnic Wear business

How to fill foreign income in ITR-!.Also need to know how to show FD income of housewife(and mine)ITR

There are a lot of groups having lot of information regarding the NRI taxation laws. But my case is very specific that I was on foreign employment and my earning was being credited to my foreign account there which I used to remit in my NRE account in India. Afterwards, due to certain unavoidable circumstances I had to permanently return to India in 4 months period. I have already paid all the taxes on all the earnings in India before and after my foreign employment. I point out the earning in abroad for that 4 months period; whether that amount is taxable.

What could be possible reason for denying of form16/16a by employer?

I am an owner of a small sole proprietor firm in Faridabad, Haryana. We used to manufacture and pack general house cleaning products. Can anyone help me or guide me how can i apply for ISO certification. I tried in an indirect way but the mediocre was asking for big amount, but I cannot afford that. Please let me know anyone in the house can help me out in this. I used to manufacture with genuine quality raw material but my competitors are using the power of money to expand the business.

How can i get my shop from the tenant ,as he hasnt given rent for past 3 years?

Sir, My divorce case got decree at family court and permanent alimony given Rs-3 lakhs also on january 2014.. but again wife had filed MATA at HIGH COURT ODISHA for higher alimony and also she had taken Rs- 3 lakhs from family court. HIGH COURT ODISHA had given judgement and ordered me to deposit Rs- 25 lakhs again to my wife as alimony on 28 JULY 2016. Am unable to pay bcuz am only single income earning source in my house and my parents are very old and fully dependent on me also they are operated patients and under treatment with medicines and also 1 elder unmarried sister is with me and fully dependent on me. So i have to bear all the expenses of my house. Please help me what to do. can i again file case in the same HIGH COURT ODISHA about the decision or i have to go to SUPREME COURT DELHI for appeal. please help me and advice me. i never gone to SUPREME COURT before also give me help of a expert lawyer of SUPREME COURT OR HIGH COURT ODISHA so that i can take advice. CAN I AGAIN APPEAL IN THE SAME HIGH COURT ODISHA AGAINST THE JUDGEMENT GIVEN TO ME TO PAY RS- 25 LAKHS. PLEASE HELP ME.

We are starting a LLP company based in Mumbai into digital activities & are channels for commencing transactions, just the middlemen. We have kept our residence as the Registered office , how can we obtain the Shops & Establishment licence? Also, do we need to apply for Ptax even if we don't have employees at the beginning?

My question about my income tax

Please help me urgently

I and other legal heirs of whom I am the CA, are the tenants of one of the rooms on 4th floor of the MHADA cessed 4 floors commercial building (without lift) in South Mumbai for the last several years. The landlady of the room has filed RAE suit in the Small Causes Court, Mumbai against me and others, legal heirs of my father and mother, for recovering possession of the suit premises on unsustainable grounds with the purpose of pressurising us to settle the matter with her for lower amount of consideration. (The landlady had in the past also settled the matter with us in the court by paying lower amount of consideration for another room in the same building). In the said suit the Court has passed Order in the Injunction Notice taken out by the Plaintiff (Landlady) and accordingly we (Defendants) are restrained from parting with the possession of the suit premises. The Suit is pending in the Court. Issues have not yet been framed by the Court. Unfortunately rear portion of the building comprising of 5 rooms on each floor (total 4 floors) collapsed in the last week of July, 2016. This included the room in our possession on the 4th floor of the building. MHADA is at present removing the debris. Under such a situation my question is that: (a) Whether collapse of the building which includes suit premises also will affect our tenancy right in the suit or otherwise? (b) Whether I am required to file any proof in the court to establish the fact of collapse of the room in my possession. If yes, then from where to get this proof/information. It may be difficult for any forum to give the information with my room number. (c) What action should I take to safeguard our interest as tenants in the court or elsewhere; (d) Should I take up the matter with MHADA under RTI or with any other forum;

My business partner has given me a PDC as a buy out amount. But due to some reasons the paper work has not been completed yet. In case cheque bounce, what are my legal rights as paper work is not completed yet.

Hi, i would like to have TIN no at Indore in sole proprietorship for Wholesale / retail / online business of handicrafts, ethnic wear, i am staying there on rent and my wife will be doing business in home based mode. please tell me documents required, expenditure and process timing for the same, as well as trademark registration procedure and cost for the name of firm, logo and showcase name e.g. firm name is ABC and brand name / showcase name is XYZ.

I am a partner in an LLP which deals with clothing. I want to start a separate OPC Pvt Ltd company with will deal with similar business. The LLP agreement says "...any Partner who acquires such conflicting interest shall cease to be and be expelled as a partner by a unanimous decision by the partners". My question is can I start such a company if my partners provide me an NOC or by amending the LLP agreement?

I've been married for 18 months now and we never lived together for more than 15 days. 8 months back, she and her family threaten me and family for harassment case, they did went to police station. But police dint file the case. Some respected people in our community compromised an asked to keep cool for 6 months. Now, I want a separation. But when I ask for divorce, they might threaten for police case again. How should we handle this?

Hi, We are 2 partners and want to start a new company in Bangalore. My partner already registered a company in Kolakata 2 years backbacl, in which he and his mom were directors. Now we have 2 options in hand 1) Start a new company 2) Shift his old company registered office to Bangalore and put me as a director and remove the other person. We are confused which process will take lesser time and effort. Please help.

Respected Sir\ Madam, Can I use Class3 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) instead of Class 2 DSC for PVT LTD Company formation?

In Holding & Subsidiary company, Can Directors & share holders (again directors) be same? For both the companies, is it possible?

I am working as a professor of Central Govt funded Deemed University with more than 30 years’ service. I have been suspended with alleged charge of creating a WhatsApp Group with office logo for helping alumni with career guidance, for my personal gain. Enquiry is not being held as per laid down CCA Rules 1965.Only one enquiry sitting took place 3 months back. Suspension has not been reviewed within 90 days as per CCA Rules. I am governed by CCS (CCA) Rules 1965 and Institute Rules. Institute is not under CAT/MAT. What legal recourse do I have to get reinstated? Can the chargesheet/enquiry be quashed? What sections/Acts can give me relief? Pl guide.

I am a sikh woman who married a muslim man in Sep 2012. We have been living separately for around 1.5 years now. We got married in Gurudwara (only photos available) and had Nikah (Nikahnama stating that I converted to Asma Khan available alongwith photos). No conversion certificate made though. How can we get divorced through court given the fact that we did not register our marriage? I don't need any alimony or anything from my husband.

I own a firm (factory) in partnership in which 30% I own, 30% my wife own and 40% my mother own. I am the active partner and 2 others are sleeping partners. We own all the machineries and land on factories name. Now my terms with my mother are not so good and she wants to give her share to my brother and is not willing to break the partnership. But I and my wife want to break the partnership and along with the capital, we also want equal share in land. What is the way out? Also its written in deed that our CA will make the final decision on how partnership would break, what shall I do in this case?

We have a house on my father’s name. Now he has expired and left a will. I was not living with my father in that house. My mother is living there and after my father’s death, my brother also started living there. Few days ago I saw a notice in newspaper that my father has left his will in favour of my mother and me (Rajesh) and in same notice it was mentioned that my brother (Rakesh) wants to sell it and if I do not raise objection in 7 days then they will allow him to sell. I raised the objection in 3 days but then also he sold the house with only my mother’s consent. I want answers to the following: 1. How can I get the will? As my mother and brother have not shown it to me or publically yet? 2. If I have share in the house and then also they sold it then how can I claim it back? 3. Can it be sold without my consent? 4. If my father has bought this house with my Grandfather’s money then can I claim it as ancestor property?

I was working with one of the top mnc for about 4 and half year. I wanted to start my own business so I resigned. My resignation was accepted. Unexpectedly my plans for my business had to pre-pone and I had to leave serving just "one" month notice. I explained the scenario to my senoirs. they said that everything will be taken care. Now after 6 months they sent me a legal notice for recovery of negetive F&F..... probably must have sent other official letters. Legal notice asking for negetive F&F else will initiate legal action. What do I do.

I was a teacher in Sri Sathya Sai Hr.Sec.School, Prasanthi Nilayam-A.P. The school is run by Management body of a trust. There were anomalies in my cadre and pay. So I had requested the principal to rectify. Then my service was terminated without any prior notice in 2013. I had filed Writ petition for reinstatement in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. WP no: 9764/2013. I also filed a separate criminal complaint in the concerned Judicial Court against the principal for the forgery/fabrications done in my service record. Justice is getting delayed. How can I get justice quickly ? Kindly suggest.

I have signed a notary on landlord/tenant agreement with my correct details, but at last, I refused after reading certain points, and the person has kept the notary with him without getting it authorized saying that he will tear it outside the court, now is it possible that he can get it authorized without my presence. In that case, what are my options to prove it as false notary or wrong, as he doesn't have anything else except the details, no id or anything only my sign, name, address and father's name on the notary paper?

I have signed a notary on landlord/tenant agreement with my correct details, but at last, I refused after reading certain points, and the person has kept the notary with him without getting it authorized saying that he will tear it outside the court, now is it possible that he can get it authorized without my presence. In that case, what are my options to prove it as false notary or wrong, as he doesn't have anything else except the details, no id or anything only my sign, name, address and father's name on the notary paper?