About HiGrit

HiGrit.com is a platform, to organize and simplify legal service; created with a mission to improve and modernize consumer's access to legal assistance and also ensure registered lawyers get wider audience as prospective clients.

HiGrit believes in becoming an efficient tool, understanding users’ needs and connecting them with lawyer with right legal advice. With HiGrit, businesses and individuals can efficiently access and manage quality and licensed lawyer,CA,CS service, round the clock.

How HiGrit Works?

 HiGrit believes more information helps to make better decision. At HiGrit.com users gets to select the type of service as per their urgency, requirement and budget.

At HiGrit’s Free Q&A forum, user can post query and get their legal questions answered for FREE by more than 100 participating lawyers to make a more confident legal decision. Users can also find answers to previously asked questions in HiGrit’s Q&A.

HiGrit’s ‘Call an Expert Now’ is for instant on-demand legal consultations. Ask questions like - How to register a company?What much does it cost to register a company?Who do I need a Lawyer or Chartered Accountant or Company Secretaryt for my legal situation, Who are the top Trademark & copyright lawyers at HiGrit?Users start with entering their location and post legal issue/problem, to receive an immediate legal advice phone call, without any of the real-world hassles of talking to secretary, scheduling or driving to law office.

HiGrit Start & Manage business Services allows individuals and business to select a legal service customize as per requirements & budget and receive personalized packaged service. Packages include convenient, one-stop services for Startups company registration, Government & Tax registrations, Trademark & Copyright and mandatory compliances like Income tax return,VAT,service tax registration.

HiGrit’s Book an Appointment, user can search local lawyers and book a consultation. HiGrit allows users to intelligently search an expanding database of local lawyers and seamlessly schedule in-person or phone call consultations. Users’ enter location and legal problem, to review lawyers’ profile for an appointment with lawyer of their choice. Each lawyer’s profile page includes comprehensive biographic information, reviews, details on fees, and more. Lawyers benefit by now affording the flexibility to talk and meet to new clients as per their schedule.

Why HiGrit legal service?

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For HiGrit registered Lawyers:

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