Nischal Arvind singh

Professional Lawyer

Qualification - LLM , LLB

City - Delhi

Location - 801, 8th Floor Saket district court, lawyers chambers saket delhi 18

Experience - 4 Years

Language Known - English , Hindi

Expertise/Keywords - Alternative Dispute Resolution , Cheque Bounce , Company Law and Investment Transactions , Compliances , Consultancy Agreement , Consumer Protection , Copyright , Corporate Legal Consulting , Criminal, Cheque Bounce and Cyber Crimes , Employment Contract , FEMA Compliances Consulting , Financial Services / Funds Raising , Founders Agreement , Franchise Agreement , Fund Raising from Angel Investors , Fund Raising from Venture Funds (Series A - C) , Immigration Consulting for UK , Intellectual Property , International Commercial Arbitration , Joint Venture & Collaboration , Legal Contract Drafting , LLP Incorporation , Maritime , Media and Entertainment , Non-Compete Agreement , Non-Solicitation Agreement , OPC Incorporation , Patent , Private Limited Company Incorporation , Profit/Revenue Sharing Agreement , Public Limited Company Incorporation , Share Purchase Agreement , Shareholder / Share Subscription Agreement , Term Sheet , Terms of Service & Privacy Policy , Trademark , Vendor Agreement

Courts- Delhi High Court , District Court, Patiala House , District Court, Rohini , District Court, Saket , Supreme Court Of India

Advocate Arvind Singh is LLM in Intellectual property Rights from Queen Mary University of London, other than he has obtained additional certification in IPR from Intellectual Property Office UK & OHI.... More


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Queries Answered

Can Police enter SEZ premises without permission from the jurisdictional Development Commissioner ? [N.V.Joy]

Answer- Every state has different rules, but as per central act special SEZ has their own set of rules and courts ,The agency or officer , may, with prior intimation to the Development Commissioner concerned, carry out the investigation, inspection, search o

Conversion of Extraordinary leave into study leave I am a regular employee of BSNL. I worked in BSNL from March 2003 to June 2014. From July 2014, I joined a full time PhD course in IIM Indore. BSNL management has granted me permission for this course in March 2014. In this permission, it was mentioned that study leave (with salary) is not permissible to me and I can use any other leave to pursue this course. At that time, I didn't oppose this decision because It would take long time to settle these types of disputes and I have to join this course in July 2014. Thus, I have applied extraordinary leave (without pay) for three years and it was also sanctioned. I am on leave and still an employee of BSNL. In BSNL employees' training documents published in 01/04/2011, two years study leave (with salary) are permissible to BSNL employees. No circular is issued from BSNL administration since 2011 which modify this study leave rules. Thus, as per rules, study leave should not be denied to me in the permission letter issued from BSNL management in March 2014. This is an injustice to me. Then, after a year, in June 2015, I have written a letter to Director (HR), BSNL, New Delhi (through proper channel) to convert my extraordinary leave into study leave as per rules because without salary it becomes difficult for me to financially sustain my family. But, still I didn't get any reply from BSNL management of my application. Then, in October 2015, I filed a RTI to BSNL-HQ to enquire about the study leave policy of BSNL. They replied: "it is informed that Study Leave Rules as existing on 30-09-2000 is applicable to BSNL employees as per provisions made under CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972, which is available in Public Domain . " The above RTI response clearly state that study leave is applicable to BSNL employees as per the provisions of CCS leave rules, 1972. Then, In March 2016, I filed another RTI to BSNL and asked following questions: 1) The present status of my application. 2) The time period required for the conversion of my extraordinary leave into study leave. I didn't get any reply of my above filed RTI. Then, in May 2016, I filed first appeal to know the status of my application but still I didn't get any reply from BSNL administration. I have also heard from some sources that BSNL board has decided to bar all long term management course due to the poor financial condition of the BSNL but no circular is issued to BSNL employees in this matter. I am still studying this course and it would take further 1 to 1.5 years to complete the course. In view of the above background, I want to know, what legal options are available to me to settle my case (ie. to convert my without pay extraordinary leave into with pay study leave). Should I file second appeal in Central Information commission to know the status of my application? Should I write a reminder to my application in BSNL through proper channel? Should I go in Court? Should I file a writ in High Court or should I file a case in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)? Out of these two options which one would be less costly in terms of different fee including procedural and advocate consultation charges. Also which option would most likely to give a fast decision. What chances of success I can expect in these type of cases? Sir I know these are lots of questions but please help me as I am not aware about these things. Once I get your suggestions, I would decide my future course of action accordingly. Thanks in anticipation of help.

Answer- As per your detail it's hard to answer or form any legal advice because one has to see the internal circular , your appointment letter and few other things ,but still i have tried my best to answer your queries below : 1. holidays was sanctioned

What is the procedure of registering TIN no in Indore and costing of the same for Handicraft, Ethnic Wear business

Answer- TIN number costing on based on the legal entity you choose, please consult a CA

according to factory act which numbers of toilet and wash room allowed in factory.

Answer- THis is incomplete question , please see provision as per state and nature of business

How can I file an ITR?

Answer- here you go please do file online or ask CA or call us

What could be possible reason for denying of form16/16a by employer?

Answer- No, they can't its mandatory and obligatory for employer to provide you form 16

Is it legal to print the book contents and share it with others if I own the book (As done in most of photocopy shops in India) ?

Answer- Please define the term "you own the book" if you are author of book , you can do whatever you want to do with the book, if not than you can only share the same for educational purpose only , any commercial gains from such activity leads to copyright

Can a gift of immovable property by a duly registered deed be cancelled by execution of registered cancellation deed by both donor and donee?

Answer- Provided the gift which is immovable property not transferred to donee. If donee has taken over the possession of the property than its legally belong to donee not to donor but if the donor has condition attached to transfer of gift liek after his de

How to fill foreign income in ITR-!.Also need to know how to show FD income of housewife(and mine)ITR

Answer- THis is not the right platform, please speak to CA for same., and now these days ITR are online with step by step guide i don't think so it is hard to understand , if you can't please speak to the CA for same.

Hello Sir, I would like to ask how can I incorporate a sole proprietorship firm? Should I contact a Lawyer or CA,CS for the same?Can I raise funding for sole proprietorship?Are there any terms and conditions for such startups.What compliance like TIN registration etc would i need?I would like to thank you for this free question answer service, in advance !

Answer- Sole proprietorship firm doesn't qualify as startups, ask CA to incorporate your company as PVt ltd, OPC or LLP if you like to start a business under startup, TIN number etc is taken care by CA. If you need more information please arrange a meeting

how can i stop an illegal construction ?

Answer- THis is incomplete question, how do you know the construction is illegal and if you are sure , please file FIR or complaint in nearest police station

Can-I-be-arrested-for-not-repaying-vehicle loan-in-India?

Answer- vehicle loan payment is a civil, not criminal matter. What has happened here is that the vehicle is out for repossession and the repossession company can not find it. The only way you can possibly be jailed in relation to a car payment is if there

I need to sign an NDA from a developer is it possible without even forming a company. In between two individuals only as the compay is not yet registered.

Answer- There is no need to form a company to sign and NDA, individual can also sign, thats why its called Non disclosure agreement and agreement can take place between company and individual or between two individual.

My sister has filed a 498A case (dowery) against her husband in year 2007 in Indore. At that time statement of my father, mother, sister and our two witness were recorded. After some years, my father was expired. So my fathers' cross examination by opponent lawyer didn't happen in court. The cross examination of my mother has been done in court. The cross examination of my sister is still pending. After the cross examination of my sister, court may most likely announce the decision of the case in a few weeks. My sister has already obtained divorce and married again with another person and settled in Raipur. So, it is not convenient for her to appear in court frequently. She couldn't appear in court in some previous dates as we didn't receive any summon from court. Now, a bail able warrant is issued against my sister to present in court on 12th august 2016 . My sister has planned to appear in court on 12th august 2016. Now we want to settle this case outside the court. Other party is also agreed for settlement. The lawyer of opponent side suggest us to not file 482 for quashing in the High court as it may take some time and may be inconvenient for my sister because she is residing in Raipur and may have to come again. He suggest us another simper alternative- he told us that he would ask some question to my sister in trial court on the next date 12th august ( date of cross examination of my sister) and also would provide answer of those questions one day before. The answer would be in such a way that no punishment would be granted to my sister's husband. It would also not harm to my sister also in any way. My doubt is - 1) Should we trust opponents lawyer in this matter. Is it a safe option or should we go for section 482 for quash in the high court. 2) It is not convenient for my sister to frequently come from Raipur to Indore. Can we file section 482 in high court before 12th august and demand a dates from high court just before 12th august so that 498A can be quashed and my sister need not have to appear in trial court. In just a single travel of my sister from Raipur to Indore, can this case can be quashed from high court. Is it necessary for my sister to present in-person in high court to quash the 498A. 3) My sister had one daughter child from her husband. Her age is now 13 years. At the time of divorce, the age of daughter was 2-3 years. After the divorce till now, daughter has been residing with my sister. The daughter also want to live with her mother (ie. my sister). We want to keep child's custody with my sister. Thus, should we make an agreement for child's custody on stamp paper or we should mention this in the filing of 482 section in high court. What should be the procedure of keeping the child's custody. 4) If the other side doesn't cooperate in a) filling a 482 in high court or b) Doesn't do cross-examination on the next date to unnecessarily delay the case to just trouble my sister as they know that it is difficult for my sister to come frequently from Raipur. In that situation, can we move this case from Indore court to Raipur court by telling court that her new husband doesn't permit her to appear Indore court frequently due to inconvenience to his old age parents as my sister has to manage all household things and in her absence it is very difficult to manage home at Raipur. This case is now at its last stage and only cross examination of my sister is remaining. After that, most likely decision may be announced by court. Sir I know these are lots of questions but please help me as I am not aware about these things. Once I get your suggestions, I would decide my future course of action accordingly. Thanks in anticipation of help.

Answer- best solution to your problem is enter into a compromise deed with the ex husband stating that he would never demand the custody of the child and money expenses or other if you want and go for the quashing in the high court.

my father is a only son of my grandmother. My grandfather divorced my grandmother and married to another women. Now i have 2 uncle from 2nd grandmother. Now my father and uncles are dividing the ancestor property, can my father claim half of property??

Answer- NO , he can't the property rights belong equally to all of them and secondly if its ancestral property pass it to your father and grandfather from their father and grandfather than you and your uncle can also claim your share in property. Grandchild

My employer is a statutory organisation which allows voluntary retirement after a minimum of 20 years of service. I have completed 19 years of service. Are there any grounds on which I can claim a waiver for the remaining 1 year ? If there are any parallels for Central Government employees, the same may also apply in my case.

Answer- I don't think so there will be any waiver, even if it short one day the companies as per rules and regulation they can withdrawal retirement benefits. Regarding waiver check your appointment letter and companies rule which might change time to time.

a cafe coffee day outlet is charging the customers tax, but the tax numbers given on the retail invoice is fake. the tin number should be of 11 digits but it is of only 10.

Answer- re check they might be misprinting , why CCD will do so. If you think it's true send them a legal notice on same and make tax authority as one of party.


Answer- The Indian personal finance sector is getting more and more sophisticated so maybe in the future showing financial solvency and probity will become necessary to get a job. Your cibil score will be checked even when you go to any MNC companies for job

Regarding cancellation of registered gift deed i want to contact a good civil lawyer.

Answer- Please get in touch with us, we have dealt in several cases like this, please take an appointment to meet us.