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Qualification - LLB , MBA , B.Com , Other

City - Delhi

Location - 204 B, Nanda Devi Apartments, Plot Number 19, Dwarka Sector 10, Delhi - 110075, Near DDA Sports Complex

Experience - 27 Years

Language Known - English , Hindi , Punjabi

More Degree - M.A

Expertise/Keywords - Alternative Dispute Resolution , Arbitration (Domestic) , Bail Application , Cheque Bounce , Civil, Property and Debt Recovery , Constitution and Public Law , Consumer Protection , Criminal, Cheque Bounce and Cyber Crimes , Divorce , Eviction , File a consumer Case , File a Police Complaint , General Power of Attorney , Gift Deed , Industrial & Labour , Intellectual Property , Legal Contract Drafting , Make a Will , Marriage , Marriage, Family and Adoption , Master Service Agreement , Muslim Personal , Partition of Property , Partnership Firm , Petition for Winding Up , Residential Rental Agreement , Send a Consumer Notice , Special Power of Attorney , Traffic and Accident

I have 27 years of Experience.


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Queries Answered

Is it legal to print the book contents and share it with others if I own the book (As done in most of photocopy shops in India) ?

Answer- There is a difference in owning a book and having it's copy right. Certainly if there is a copyright of the writer on the contents which he wrote in a certain book it can not be copied for making any monetary gain, though if there is no profit angle

how can i stop an illegal construction ?

Answer- File a suit for injunction in a civil court and if the construction is a illegal one and on the public property you can invoke the civic authorities for getting it demolished.

Can-I-be-arrested-for-not-repaying-vehicle loan-in-India?

Answer- Yes ! Non payment of your legally debited debt is an offence in India, at first the civil court verdict will be announced against you and if you do not obey it you will be arrested or the auction proceeds out of your auctioned property will be utilis

Is it mandatory to provide the hard physical copy of two wheeler RC book and Insurance? The police officer was not accepting soft copy shown on my mobile and demanded bribe.

Answer- As per the provisions of the Indian Traffic rules each and every person driving the vehicle should possess the valid papers of the vehicle which he is driving, however it is a provision that with in 72 hours if the person produces the original papers

I wish to ask if my mother can gift me her flat which she has purchased in june 1993, also will the society charge me the transfer fee or Rs.25000/- which they charge in resale flats or will this be treated as internal transfer please advise.

Answer- Yes your mother can Gift you any property which she has with her with a clear title. It will be treated as a transaction between two separate legal entities. Yes the Society can charge the transfer fee from you as per their By laws only if it is ther

Company not giving experience letter and relieveing letter?

Answer- It is better first you send them a Legal Notice for the same and then file a case against them for the damages and compensation in a competent court of Jurisdiction ( It depends on the kind of service you are/were doing with the company. For further