Mann ki Baat: PM Talking about Teacher’s day, Swach Bharat, GST & More


On August 28, Mann Ki Baat Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation and talked about various issues and happening in country. He talked about major issues and problems faced by people in country and how they can be resolved and how the government and people are working together to resolve them and achieve better future and living conditions , he talked about Clean Ganga mission, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, Gas subsidy and construction of toilets in rural areas and the achievements and steps in such areas.
PM Modi congratulated whole country and its people on the celebration of medals won by the daughters of country in Rio Olympic and acknowledged and congratulated upcoming festivals like Ganesh Utsav while remembering Lokmanya Tilak and his contributions, Durga Puja and thanked the teachers on teacher’s day on 5 September for their contribution in shaping up the future of country.
He also mentioned the passing of GST bill by support of all the parties and how it will bring major changes and growth to the country and its economy.
Some o the excerpts from his address:
About Rio Olympics
: There is no denying the fact that we could not perform up to the expectations. Some of our players could not even touch during these Games their own performance level which they had achieved during the domestic events in India. Indian players gave a very good account of themselves for the first time in some of the events and that we must prepare ourselves fully and thoroughly
On Teacher’s day: In our life, a teacher holds the same place which a mother does. We have also seen such teachers who care more for their pupils than for themselves. They devote their lives for their disciples, their students. We always feel the contribution of our teachers in our lives. It will be a matter of pride and it is our duty to enhance the honour of our teachers in the society.
On Ganesh Utsav: Ganesh ji removes all obstacles and let us all wish that our country, our society, our families, and each one of us may lead a life free of obstacles. But, when we mention Ganesh Utsav, it is natural to remember Lokmanya Tilak ji. The tradition of public celebration of Ganesh Utsav is Lokmanya Tilak’s gift to us. Life seems to be impossible without festivals but these have to be molded according to the needs of the changing times.
On Clean Ganga: Government of India has made a successful effort to clean the governments. Pradhans of villages situated on the banks of the river Ganga were invited to Allahabad on the 20th of this month. They included men as well as women.
Construction of toilets in rural areas: In Kabirdham district of Chhatisgarh more than 1.25 lakh students from about 1700 schools collectively wrote letters to their parents telling them that there should be toilets in their houses.
Swach Bharat: Swachha Bharat has become the dream of each Indian. Some Indians have made it their aim and purpose. But, each one is connected to it in one or the other way and everyone is making a contribution. The Government of India has called upon the people to make short films of 2 to 3 minutes duration on Swachhta, that is, cleanliness and send these to the Government.
Gas Subsidy: I received a letter recently from a motherly lady of about 84 years of age which touched my heart. She wrote in her letter that after my appeal to the people to forego their cooking gas subsidy, she had given up her subsidy and after delivery of a letter in which she was thanked for her giving up the subsidy. And, she has said that a letter from the Prime Minister was no less than a Padma Shree honour for her.
On GST, Kashmir and unity of people: In August 2016, about 90 political parties in the country, many of these parties in the Parliament being staunch opponents of each other got united and passed the GST Act. The credit for this goes to all the parties. And, this is an example which shows that great tasks can be accomplished by working in unison to move ahead. Similarly, about the incidents that took place in Kashmir and all that happened in Kashmir, all political parties in the country collectively expressed their views in one voice. A massage was sent to the whole world, a massage also went to the separatist forces and our sympathy was expressed towards the people of Kashmir.

Author Name: Higrit