Hello Sir, I would like to ask how can I incorporate a sole proprietorship firm? Should I contact a Lawyer or CA,CS for the same?Can I raise funding for sole proprietorship?Are there any terms and conditions for such startups.What compliance like TIN registration etc would i need?I would like to thank you for this free question answer service, in advance ! ?

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At HiGrit you can connect with Lawyers, CA or CS for any of your legal consult. Company registration as sole proprietorship is easy and ideal for small businesses, traders and merchants from the unorganized sector. VAT or TIN is required only if the business turnover or taxable income is more than I...

How can I file an ITR? ?

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It's just simple. Either you may file it yourself or get it filed by some professional. How to file ITR is very simple and can be done by even you. But what to fill and how to fill the columns in ITR would need some expert to take care perfectly. You may contact any CA for that matter....

Is it legal to print the book contents and share it with others if I own the book (As done in most of photocopy shops in India) ? ?

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There is a difference in owning a book and having it's copy right. Certainly if there is a copyright of the writer on the contents which he wrote in a certain book it can not be copied for making any monetary gain, though if there is no profit angle in it it depends on the choice of the copywriter w...

how can i stop an illegal construction ? ?

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File a suit for injunction in a civil court and if the construction is a illegal one and on the public property you can invoke the civic authorities for getting it demolished....


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